Do you enjoy traveling? I do.

Where there was a time I would enjoy doing car travel to a destination (think road trip), now that I can I enjoy a cruise. You will find some of the pages here deal with traveling other than cruises, but most are about cruises.

Cruising isn’t for everyone. It means having one room for the duration of your trip, being able to unpack once, travel on a floating city (some larger, some smaller), and see a variety of ports. I specify ports since you may or may not go into interior cities depending on what ports you may visit.

It also means that you go where the cruise goes. You have a set time in ports, you may or may not spend the night there (usually not). You may not have your own vehicle or be able to go where you want. But having all meals paid for, entertainment available, and the chance to just kick back and relax can be just what some traveling want.

Since early 2020, the world made a turn due to a virus – Covid-19. It’s a coronavirus that has affected the entire world. That’s the good and bad, we’re all dealing with the same problem. But at this point, mid 2020, each country is dealing with it differently.

Right now, cruises are occurring on an extremely limited basis. And I for one hope that more cruises eventually open back up. I’m sure it will happen, but in a manner that will be different from what it once was. And what that will be, we have yet to see.

What I had originally written on this website was pre-Covid. And since I have not yet had the opportunity to take a cruise in the time of Covid, I have begun noting which pages are pre-Covid, and which are not. So as of the writing of this, all the pages are pre-Covid.

Hopefully sometime in the future, maybe soon, I will be able to take a cruise and update this website to what cruises may be like in the post-Covid world.

I hope to see you cruising the world.