Pre-Covid I took a trip to an all inclusive resort. This was a trip to Cancun in February, 2020. One thing that was interesting about an all inclusive was understanding what is included in that “all inclusive”. The resort I went to was a beach resort with meal and some drinks included. The meals included a variety of facilities on the premises. These included buffets, a couple of sit down restaurants, a cafe, and even a teppanyaki style restaurant. The teppanyaki meals required a reservations, but the meal was free of charge.

As a beach resort there were water toys available for the clients staying there. You could check out sail boards and other items. The employees would even give you a crash course on how to use the items.

Staying at an all inclusive facility can be relaxing and reassuring. But make sure you can make use of what they offer. For me, staying there allowed me to be assured of meals being included, the availability of pools, towels, and of course a room. The resort did offer a spa, even an excursion desk to help you make arrangements to visit the area. Excursions were something you had to pay for in addition. I didn’t use the spa, but that may also have been a cost.

If you can make use of what they offer, and plan to spend the majority of your time at the facility, spending time at an all inclusive resort can make sense, both financially and in terms of time. It can be a one-stop-shop so to speak.

Even though I didn’t use many of the amenities, I can say I enjoyed myself. It was a relaxing trip, which was just what I was looking for.