Hi, I Love to Travel

For anyone who has been on this site before, you may notice some changes.

For newcomers, here’s some info about me. I live in central Texas (I’m try to downsize so I’m kind of on the move). and I’ve been in Texas since about 2012. I’m a widow, since 2020. My husband and I used to do a lot of travel. We frequently did cruises, which is why there is a lot of information about cruising. In 2016 health issues slowed us down and I became his caregiver.

As the caregiver I would need breaks. So you may notice there are posts for short trips. A friend and I would do short 3-4 day jaunts to give me a break. DH and I only did one trip a year since he developed health issues. Then Covid hit and changed everybody’s travel.

But now, late 2020 I am getting my feet back under me and slowly getting back to life. Its been a tough year, and I know many people have lost loved ones, stopped traveling, and are trying to get back on their feet.

So my world of travel is slowly opening back up. You will see new posts, and some new pages as I try new things.

Come see the world through my eyes.

Update: It’s now 2024 and I’m in Temple. And I may be moving again. That remains to be seen when. But I did do one trip to Alaska, on a cruise the other year. I’m hoping to do another cruise this year.