Its now April, 2021, and Covid has been with us for over a year. Just over a year ago, much of the world went into lock down in an attempt to stop or reduce the spread of this virus. At this point the USA alone has had approximately 31.6M cases and approximately 566K deaths ( But vaccinations have arrived and are being distributed.

All these vaccinations will hopefully have an affect in opening regions, countries, states, etc. back up to travel. With that possibility may come a chance to travel internationally, and hopefully to begin taking cruises again. According to some cruises will begin, but maybe not as originally expected. For instance some cruises may not begin out of the US as we were used to. Unfortunately, or fortunately, what, where, when, etc. is changing constantly. So even as I write this, new decisions on cruises may be made and my information may be old. Oh well, such is life, we live in an ever changing world.

But that is also the point. A cruise that wasn’t allowed last week may now be a possibility this week. A port that wasn’t open a few days ago may now be open. But it can also go the other way and a cruise may be cancelled or put on hold, and a port may close. So all we can do is just do our best to hope, pray, make plans, and keep reading cruise news.

Personally I am hoping to find a cruise for maybe later this year. I had hoped to do an Alaska cruise, but we’ll see if that happens.

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