What goes into my check thru bag is in some ways just an expanded version of my carry on bag.

  • My basic clothing list should last for one week and includes:
    • necessities (panties, bras, socks, sleepwear)
    • pants/shorts/skirts
    • tops
    • formal wear (if needed)
    • shoes
    • jacket
    • sweater (optional)
    • swimsuit w/coverup (optional)
    • dresses (optional)
    • shape wear (optional)
  • The basic toiletries include:
    • toothbrush, tooth paste, floss
    • face moisturizer
    • eye cream
    • night cream
    • sunscreen
    • comb/brush
    • hair conditioner (leave in for me)
    • hair gel
    • makeup remover (pads, lotion, micellar water, etc.)
    • cotton swabs, cotton balls, pads
    • perfume
    • razors
  • Makeup includes:
    • makeup brushes/sponges
    • eyelash curler
    • eye liner, mascara
    • eye shadow
    • blush, blush/bronzer
    • concealer, foundation
    • lipstick, lip liner
    • Other items
    • prescription medication
    • nail set
    • first aid kit
    • hand sanitizer/wipes

Remember the clothes I wear include: jeans, tee shirt, jacket, pashmina/scarf, and sneakers or slip on shoes. And my carry on includes: 2 panties, 2 bras, 2 tee shirts, one pair of casual pants, one sweater, one nightie.

Optional items I may have with me include a scarf or pashmina for the plane.

If you are wearing the jeans and have the casual pants in your carry on, that means only the formal pants are in your check thru luggage. Since you are wearing one tee, and have two tees in the carry on, your check thru luggage only has 4-6 tees (1 you wear + 2 in carry on + 4-6 in check thru = 7 to 9 tees total).

The check thru carries all the items not in the carry on or that Iā€™m wearing. So the check thru does have items from clothing, toiletries, makeup in a cosmetic bag, and other items.

These are some/the items that will go in my suitcase for my June 2013 trip.

Now this June 2013 trip of mine is a longer trip. I will actually be gone for 5 weeks. So the clothes I take will have to last me for 5 weeks thru a variety of climates. I will be going from Venice, Italy on a cruise around Greece. Then spend a few day in Venice, and a few days in Florence. My companion will leave and fly home to the USA. I will fly from Florence to Edinburgh, Scotland to meet up with my spouse. My spouse and I will spend about a week in Scotland and the UK, before we join a group in London. We will take a couple of excursions in London over a couple of days, then join another cruise. This time we will leave out of Harwick and cruise thru Norway before returning to London and then flying home.

So what changes do I make for a trip of this length? Well, I do make sure I have clothes for a variety of climates – wet and dry, hot and a bit cooler. The only major difference will be in terms of toiletries and medications. I have to have enough medication for this length of trip with me. Also, things like face moisturizer, makeup, hair care, those I need to have enough to make it thru the trip. I can pick up items on the trip if need be. Sunscreen is great to pick up overseas. But since all my clothes can be washed, I don’t need to bring enough clean clothes to last me 5 weeks. I just have to plan to get things washed. That is why I make sure everything goes together, and more tops then bottoms. But the only real change for a trip of this length is to make sure I have enough consumable items – makeup, moisturizer, etc.

My bag is a Tumi international case. It is within carry on limits.

There are bras, undies, shapewear, socks, shoes, a black sheath dress, 2 jackets for evening, tan pants then an assortment of tops for both day and evening.

Other items that might be worth taking: 2 silky tops to wear under the evening shirt/jackets, a swimsuit, pashmina or 2, perfume samples (better then taking a bottle), power cord, razors, plug adapter, other purses – a shoulder and a crossbody that lay flat

Accessories – there are about 5 different necklaces and 2 good scarves and 3 fun scarves. I recently received a jewelry roll up travel case. If I can I will take a picture of it. Definitely a nicer way to carry jewelry then zip lock baggies.

Here we go. Remember, zip lock baggies are your friend.

Put the shoes in baggies/small trash bags, something. Put the socks in the toes of the sandals, and put those in a separate bag. Put the scarves in zip lock type baggies. Keep the dress and shirts, including evening shirt/jackets on metal hangers or non breakable hangers. Put in the suiter area and roll it up. Put the shoes in first, then start adding t-shirts. Either roll or fold the tees to fit your space. Add the shapewear and undies into the side areas. Lay the pants in the flat area created by the rolled tees. Cover the shoes with tees or a rolled shirt (my sun shirt). Put the silk top in a baggie so it doesn’t get snagged. Lay it and the scarves in. If you want, put the evening jewelry in the inside pocket of the suitcase or just stuff it in a corner. The only thing left are the bras, and as you can see, there is lots of room for them. There is still room to add a small evening purse or more clothes if you desire, even another dress.

So between what you are wear, the carry on and the suitcase you have: 3 pairs of pants, 12 tees/tops, 3 jackets (safari, cashmere and sun), 3 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of socks, 7 bras, 8 undies, 6 scarves, 1 pair of jammies, 2 pieces shapewear, 1 dress, 2 shirts, 2 evening shirts/jackets, and 5 necklaces. And I still have room in the carry on case and the suitcase. And yes, I can still put a swimsuit in there too.

p.s. note: I needed those extra tees. We did laundry at a hotel and they lost one. It happens.