Its amazing to thing this pandemic has been going for a year. It was March, 2020 when the USA first went into lock down. Its now one year later and we’re slowly coming out of that lock down. Vaccinations are now available, and slowly rolling out everywhere. The hope is, by May/June everyone will be able to get their vaccination shot. If they will, how many will get those shots, still remains to be seen. My guess is a lot, probably most people will opt for the shot/s.

So why do I mention this on a cruise website? Well, at this point there is no consistent decision for what it will take to get on a cruise ship. My guess, and at this point we’re still waiting to know, is that people will need to show proof of having received their vaccination before joining a cruise. What will happen for those that choose not to get a shot? Well, I don’t know. And as for what happens to those unable to get shots, I don’t know.

But the good news is that now some cruise lines are promoting their cruises. It also means prices are low, but expect those prices to begin going up some time soon. But right now prices are great!

Depending on where you want to go, some places are opening earlier than others. I’ve seen cruises going to the Bahamas beginning June 2021. Not bad considering the year where cruises were nonexistent. I’ve seen some cruises available to the Mediterranean and Alaska starting in various times in June also. So it looks like cruises will be back on the travel menu.

For me, I’m actually hoping to do a cruise, maybe Alaska later this year if possible. My first goal is to schedule and get my vaccination. I figure once I get the shot then I can begin truly planning a cruise.

Wish me luck.

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