As I write this in 2024 Covid has become part of the landscape, kind of like just another thing people get like colds or flu. There’s no more requirement for vaccinations. Boosters are available for people that want them, but nobody asks to see your vaccination card anymore.

That’s really nice.

I did a cruise Oct, 2022 at which time every place had come out of Covid lock down. Were there any changes? Yes, but not much. There were still sanitizer stations by the eating areas and around the ship. The ship we took, it was NCL, did have one change that was nice. I don’t know if it was a new design ship or just remodeled. But by the buffet they had an area to wash your hands. It was like a long trough with water, soap, and towels for drying. They also had someone there kindly asking/reminding people to wash their hands before eating.

But other than that there didn’t seem to be much change since Covid. I consider that a good thing in many ways. People need to learn to wash their hands, but in my opinion that is something you should be doing Covid or not.

Now this is not to say changes won’t occur once again. Something else may come along and put the world into panic mode. I don’t know. But for now, there is no need to worry about carrying vaccination cards. And Covid is no long a reason you can’t travel to an area.